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TELUS Health MyPet

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A healthcare experience that shows up for you on your terms

Most people know TELUS as a telecommunications company. Our challenge was not only to expand the masterbrand’s “right to play” in a new sector, healthcare, by communicating a trustworthy reason why a teleco would be a great healthcare delivery brand, but we also sought to inform consumers that a new method of access was now available – virtual care. This double-layered communication challenge became the pivotal goal of the campaign.


It’s time to bring back house calls

We needed to launch the virtual care platform to consumers and prove why they should trust TELUS as a health company, not just a phone company. We leaned into the strength of the network: connection and access. We created a campaign that focused on reaching rural, remote, and indigenous communities that struggle the most with accessing a doctor. The app would connect patients with doctors across the nation and literally bring back house calls.


Results that exceeded all expectations

The Ipsos Brand Report that followed the campaign revealed that the rebrand effectively changed minds:

36% more people believed TELUS Health MyCare gave them better access to health care, confirming that they understood the new category of virtual care

54% more people viewed TELUS Health MyCare as a brand they admire, telling us they felt trusting of the brand

65% of “doctor-avoiders” changed their minds about accessing health care at all, effectively overcoming multiple barriers, systemic, personal and cultural

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