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Every pet parent knows that going to the vet can be a stressful experience for both of you

Sometimes it’s just the car ride, the crate, the new smells, or just the anxiety of not knowing what’s to come.

There’s growling, whimpering, resisting, and you might even see some teeth. TELUS Health MyPet is here to make caring for your pet an easier and more comfortable experience.

The Idea

Poking some good fun at the tension in trying to get your pet to the vet

We created a relatable integrated campaign that features a compilation of pets reacting, resisting, and cleverly trying to avoid going to the vet.

Thanks to TELUS Health MyPet, you can now connect with vets and experts from the comfort of your home, making the whole experience much easier and more convenient.

The campaign quickly put MyPet on the map as the leading virtual pet care brand in the category. KPIs were exceeded for downloads, consults, and subscribers as well as secondary KPIs of audience engagement and brand reach. MyPet is clearly a level above the rest in their execution, supported by this great creative work.

The Impact

Market dominance in the virtual pet care category