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Bridging the distance: A creative leap against sleep apnea

In the realm of relationships, untreated sleep apnea is more than a medical condition; it’s a divider of emotional and physical intimacy.

Recognizing this, the campaign zeroes in on the unseen gap sleep apnea creates between couples, not just in bed, but in their connection to each other.

The Idea

Visualizing the gap

To visually capture and emphasize the chasm caused by sleep apnea, the campaign ingeniously exaggerates the physical space between couples in bed.

This metaphorical and literal interpretation of “distance” serves to starkly highlight the condition’s detrimental impact on relationships, making the invisible visible and felt.

By highlighting the emotional toll of untreated sleep apnea, the campaign not only raised awareness but also fostered a sense of urgency to seek treatment, ultimately aiming to reconnect couples by closing the emotional and physical distance between them.

The Impact

Closing the distance