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Believing that drastic changes must be made all at once usually leads to avoidance of change

Over 71% of all deaths globally are preventable from dietary and lifestyle choices, including type 2 diabetes, one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Yet, living with type 2 diabetes can be an overwhelming health journey to embark on, especially without the right tools or a proper support system.


Bite sized tips that are perfect for a social campaign

We provided our audience with “Diabetips” to get them started, with the help of a free 7-week challenge. Diabetips are small, healthy lifestyle tips to encourage people with type 2 diabetes to make incremental, achievable changes in their daily lives. These tips cover many different aspects of health:

– Diet & Nutrition
– Activity & Fitness
– Physical Health
– Mental Health
– Emotional Wellbeing
– Community & Support

Integrating 2 to 3 Diabetips per week in their daily lives helped patients take control of their diabetes, just like Yves.


Delivering lead generation with a 21 day challenge

Using Yves’ success story, we inspired other people with type 2 diabetes to start their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle. By showing them how small steps can lead to big change, we encouraged them to form small new habits they enjoy and, day after day, turn their lives around. The campaign resulted in lead generation through CRM signups to get weekly tips via email.

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