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In a quickly expanding virtual care landscape, KixCare identified a key area of opportunity where their expertise could help set them apart; pediatric and maternal health. The core challenge presented to Gene was to help KixCare to develop a brand with meaningful values and attributes to express their authentic desire to serve children and their families. This brand challenge had to account for a competitive landscape that might soon welcome others into the sub-sector of virtual care within the field of pediatrics.


Gene undertook the difficult task of creating a unique brand that felt inherently family oriented while also expressing the value of medical expertise in pediatrics. When expressing that compassion and knowledge in helping children and their families through health challenges, Gene identified a key area for long term social impact (referred to as Task in our framework) to help win the hearts and minds of our audience; KixCare helps children get healthy again so they can get back to play, one of the best strategies for long term health and overall well-being in children.

Defining this added social impact position – helping children get back to play – aided in cementing the brand in a niche within the virtual care market. Gene’s in-depth understanding of the brand purpose led to a definitive creative expression, brand identity, logo, tone of voice, and look / feel that communicates the nuances of the KixCare organization.


The KixCare brand launched with an integrated and consistent set of brand values and social impact positioning that will help set them apart with their core audience; Moms of young children. Their go-to market strategy now includes a consistent brand voice, a UX that delivers on their brand promise and social engagement that creates value above and beyond their profitable gains as an organization, something that matters greatly to their primary target. The KixCare brand has started off on the right foot to develop brand trust through:

– Clearly articulated brand vision, values and task
– Consistent creative brand identity that brings the brand to life
– UX / service design that aligns with their brand attributes
– A differentiated brand platform with added social impact value

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