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The Insight

In the rapidly growing landscape of virtual care, KixCare identified a crucial opportunity to distinguish themselves through their expertise in pediatric and maternal health. They recognized that a significant part of their success would depend on developing a brand that authentically expressed their commitment to serving children and their families. The core challenge presented to us at Gene was to help KixCare craft a brand with meaningful values and attributes that could resonate deeply with their target audience. This challenge was amplified by the competitive nature of the virtual care market, particularly within the pediatric sub-sector, which was likely to attract new entrants. KixCare needed a brand that could stand out and communicate their unique dedication to pediatric and maternal health effectively.

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The Idea

We embarked on the complex task of creating a brand that embodied a family-oriented ethos while simultaneously highlighting the value of medical expertise in pediatrics. Our goal was to convey both compassion and knowledge in addressing children’s health challenges. We identified a crucial area for long-term social impact—referred to as “Task” in our framework—that would resonate with their audience: helping children get healthy so they can return to play.

This concept of “getting back to play” was recognized as one of the best strategies for long-term health and overall well-being in children. By defining this social impact position, we helped KixCare establish a niche within the virtual care market. This strategic approach led to a definitive creative expression of the brand, encompassing brand identity, logo, tone of voice, and overall look and feel, all designed to communicate the nuanced mission of the KixCare organization.

The Impact

The launch of the KixCare brand featured an integrated and consistent set of brand values and a social impact position that resonated with their core audience: mothers of young children. Their go-to-market strategy now includes a cohesive brand voice, a user experience that delivers on their brand promise, and social engagement efforts that provide value beyond profitability—an aspect highly valued by their primary target audience. The KixCare brand has effectively set the stage for developing trust and loyalty through several key elements. They have a clearly articulated brand vision, values, and task that align with their mission. A consistent and creative brand identity vividly brings the brand to life. The user experience and service design reflect their brand attributes. The differentiated brand platform incorporates a unique social impact value.

These elements collectively position KixCare as a trusted and distinctive player in the virtual pediatric care market, ensuring a strong foundation for long-term growth and success.