Aging Brain Health

Lightyear Health


Brand Strategy
Naming & Identity Design




This national geriatric psychiatry and holistic care clinic sought to reimagine their brand as a stronger, more modern expression of cutting-edge care for people living with dementia.


The brand had a clear area of excellence – geriatric care, but the expression of that centre of excellence had been portrayed in softer, more traditional ways. The clear challenge was finding a creative way to communicate the brand’s core specialty and passion for embracing the frontier of geriatric science while being sensitive to the nature and vulnerability of the primary patient.


Through creative strategy, deep insight research and Gene’s proprietary 8 Facets of Brand Purpose Framework, our partnership uncovered an attitude of grit, precision and perseverance within the brand. In short, the company realized their bravery to express a sense of “radical hope” in the face of a dementia diagnosis, rooted in true, differentiated organizational design. When the company leaders affirmed their power to excel in the space, a concept of “Lightyear” emerged, accompanied by beauty, light, courage and most importantly, hope – expressed through colour, modernism, and empowered brand tone.