LivingWell Companion

  • Client

    TELUS Health

  • Category

    Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Insight

As people age, maintaining independence while ensuring safety becomes a growing concern for both the elderly and their caregivers. TELUS Health recognized this need and aimed to bridge the gap with their LivingWell Companion™, a personal emergency response service that offers 24/7 emergency support. Through thorough market research, TELUS Health identified key personas, such as caregivers and end-users, who would greatly benefit from the peace of mind and independence provided by LivingWell Companion™. The insight driving this campaign was the dual necessity of safety and freedom for aging individuals and the desire of caregivers to support their loved ones’ independence while ensuring their well-being.

The Idea

The campaign was designed to resonate deeply with both caregivers and end-users. The creative strategy focused on relatable, real-life scenarios featuring individuals like Lyse-Pascale and her father Emmanuel. By highlighting personal stories and the emotional aspects of caregiving, the campaign aimed to show how LivingWell Companion™ could support their loved ones’ freedom and independence.

The messaging was crafted to emphasize the benefits of the service, such as 24/7 emergency support, affordability, and the added security of features like automatic fall detection. Each piece of content, whether a static image, social video, or digital banner, was carefully designed to convey these messages in a compelling and relatable manner.

The Impact

The multi-faceted campaign included various touchpoints that effectively communicated the value of LivingWell Companion™. Short, impactful videos, combined with clear calls to action, encouraged viewers to learn more about the service and consider it for their loved ones. Digital banners on platforms like Reader’s Digest highlighted key messages such as affordability and the 24/7 emergency support feature. The simple yet powerful copy reinforced the campaign’s main themes of independence and peace of mind.

The campaign successfully drove awareness and conversion, with key metrics showing significant engagement. The relatable and emotionally charged content led to a noticeable increase in brand recognition and recall among target audiences. The multi-language approach ensured broader reach and inclusivity, allowing TELUS Health to connect with a diverse audience. Social media videos garnered high view rates and positive feedback, indicating strong resonance with the audience. Digital banners achieved high click-through rates, directing potential customers to the LivingWell Companion™ website, where they could learn more about the service. A significant uptick in inquiries and subscriptions was observed, validating the campaign’s effectiveness in driving action. The clear, compelling messaging around affordability and continuous support played a crucial role in converting interest into subscriptions.

In summary, the LivingWell Companion Campaign successfully addressed a critical need for safety and independence among the elderly and their caregivers. By focusing on personal stories and delivering clear, emotional messages across multiple platforms, TELUS Health effectively communicated the value of their service. The campaign not only increased awareness and engagement but also drove meaningful conversions, ultimately contributing to the well-being and peace of mind of countless families.