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    Mobile UX & Development

The Insight

McKesson’s banner pharmacies have long been renowned for their personal touch and independently operated environments. These pharmacies thrive on building strong relationships with their customers, offering a level of service that is both friendly and highly personalized. However, as consumer behaviors evolve and digital solutions become integral to daily life, McKesson recognized the need to extend this personalized service beyond their physical locations. They aimed to create a mobile app that would not only reward customer loyalty but also replicate the in-store service experience customers cherished. The challenge was to ensure that the app could provide the same level of care and attention that customers were accustomed to receiving in person, while also offering the convenience and accessibility of a digital solution. This strategic move was driven by the insight that maintaining customer loyalty in the digital age requires more than just a rewards program—it demands an integrated approach that combines the best of both digital and physical interactions.

The Idea

Facing an increasingly competitive marketplace and changing customer expectations, McKesson needed a trusted partner who could design and develop native apps for both Android and iOS platforms. The goal was to create a seamless and user-friendly experience across all their banner brands, ensuring consistency and quality of service. One such brand,, was particularly keen on this transition. Traditionally a digital-only service, wanted to offer a brick-and-mortar experience in a modern, innovative way. This required a thoughtful approach to app design that would cater to both existing digital customers and those familiar with in-store services.

The app needed to incorporate features that would allow customers to manage their prescriptions easily, connect directly with their local pharmacists, and choose between picking up their medications in-store or having them delivered to their homes. Additionally, the app had to leverage a robust formulary to provide accurate and up-to-date drug information, ensuring that customers could trust the information they received. This comprehensive approach aimed to create an app that not only met but exceeded customer expectations, blending digital convenience with the personalized service McKesson’s banner pharmacies are known for.

The Impact

Gene collaborated with McKesson to create an intuitive app that revolutionized how customers manage their prescriptions. The app allowed users to easily manage prescriptions for themselves and their family members by photographing and submitting their prescription forms directly through the app. This feature streamlined the prescription management process, making it more convenient for users. Additionally, the app facilitated a seamless connection between users and their local pharmacists, providing a direct point-of-contact for personalized service. This ensured that customers could receive the same level of care and attention they were accustomed to in-store.

Users could also choose to pick up their medications at the pharmacy or have them delivered to their homes, offering flexibility and convenience. Leveraging a comprehensive formulary, the app ensured that users received accurate and current drug information, enhancing their trust and confidence in the service. This innovative app successfully bridged the gap between digital convenience and the trusted, personal service of McKesson’s banner pharmacies, enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction.