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The Insight

Through a detailed and comprehensive market analysis, we identified a significant gap in the dermatology sector: a lack of luxury, street-level clinics that cater to a diverse and discerning clientele. This insight revealed a substantial opportunity for Medcan to innovate by creating a new brand that seamlessly merges top-tier healthcare with an inclusive and sophisticated approach. Our research showed a growing demand among patients for premium, personalized care in a setting that reflects both luxury and diversity. By addressing this need, Medcan could not only fill a market void but also elevate its brand to new heights, positioning itself as a leader in the dermatology field.

The Idea

To capitalize on this insight, we conceptualized “Refine,” a high-end dermatology clinic that offers personalized and luxurious care. Our strategy began with an extensive discovery process aimed at redefining and elevating Medcan’s existing services. We focused on ensuring that every aspect of the new brand experience—from the clinic’s design to its digital presence—was cohesive and exuded luxury.

We developed a distinctive brand identity that included a new logo and comprehensive supporting materials, all designed to reflect the clinic’s sophisticated and inclusive ethos. The physical space of the clinic was meticulously crafted to embody ethnic diversity and luxury, creating a welcoming and opulent environment for all clients. The digital platform was designed to enhance patient engagement and streamline services, offering a seamless online experience that complemented the high-end care provided at the clinic.

The Impact

The launch of Refine marked a new era for Medcan, significantly elevating its position in the dermatology sector. The clinic quickly became a benchmark for luxury and inclusivity, attracting a diverse clientele that valued both the high-quality care and the sophisticated environment. Patient satisfaction soared, and Medcan’s brand reputation strengthened, leading to increased market share and a prominent status as an innovator in the field.