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Medcan Refine

Brand Strategy
Naming & Identity Design




As part of the process to expand its dermatology offering, Medcan was looking to successfully launch its first street-level dermatology clinic under a new, engaging and luxury brand.


While Medcan specialized in providing personalized healthcare to fill in the gaps and provide specialized treatments, there was an opportunity for the business to grow and better define itself through existing offerings that lacked the spotlight and impact to truly flourish. Additionally, Medcan’s dermatology offering was lost amongst its numerous other medical offerings.

Gene was engaged in a multitude of executions, including a rigorous discovery process, to fully understand the lines of business, focuses and departments. It was through this research that Gene proposed to create a new luxury clinic (Refine), as well as a digital-first platform and app for Medcan clients, and a food line (Nourish).


Gene proposed the creation of Refine: an ethnically diverse, high-end luxury clinic that would appeal to Medcan’s existing as well as potential clients. Where most clinics tended to be cold, this one was atmospheric and featured high-end materials and furniture to exude a feeling of professionalism and opulence.

In support of this launch, Gene created a brand new logo and brand identity, supporting materials, a brochure, and retail window décor.

The focus was on creating a brand that was simple and easy to associate with while the use of bold lines brought an edge to fit the modern needs of Refine’s clients. The name ‘Refine’ reflected a balance between improving on appearances and managing skin conditions, while carefully avoiding common beauty industry pressures. This was supported through strong classic tones of black, white and gold and ethnic representation to ensure the brand was inclusive and refined in all executions.

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