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Home isn't a place,place, it's a feelingfeeling

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When our life is disrupted by a health care journey, we lose the feeling of home

Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. A set of emotions that are familiar to people. When our life is disrupted by a health care journey, we lose the feeling of home, the most precious emotional feelings in our lives. People feel lost and need solutions to support them through this life-changing event. That’s fundamentally what SE Health does, they bring back the feeling of home.


Home just feels different, it feels better

When you face changes or challenges in your health, you see a lot of different places on your journey – operating rooms, waiting rooms, recovery rooms. But they all have one thing in common – none of these rooms are yours. None of them are home. We challenged conventional or traditional perspectives of healthcare, reimagining care to show how people can feel happier, healthier and more at home when care comes to them.


A platform that elevated employee engagement and drove an increase in recruitment

The Home of Health showed home care – and home care workers – as more important than ever. The campaign has already led to an outpouring of appreciation from the SE Health staff who worked through the COVID-19 lockdown. It also led to a significant recruitment campaign for the organization.

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