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WSPS – a long-standing client of Gene – needed to find a quick and efficient way to provide employers and workers with accurate and reliable safety and prevention information around the COVID-19 pandemic.


Gene stepped up to the challenge of this urgent request by developing an agile and creative solution that ensured Ontario workplaces and employees had immediate access to vital and helpful information.

Adhering to an extremely tight timeline set forth by WSPS, the Gene team developed a customized microsite and two informative videos focusing on safety practices around COVID-19.


In just under a month, Gene custom-built an entire online hub that allows for an elevated user experience for both customers and internal stakeholders, while featuring a wide range of beneficial COVID-19 related resources, articles, and eCourses.

To support the dissemination of WSPS resources and knowledge, the Gene team created animated videos – one focusing on the adoption of best safety practices when going back to work and another specifically on the basics of proper mask wear. From concept and script development, storyboarding, and recording, right down to the final stages of executing these client-ready products, the team developed clear, witty, and concise videos in just under three weeks.

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