Today’s Health Marketers Deserve a Creative Agency Devoted to Health

When we set out to build our agency, we wanted to create a new force in our industry. Something that really filled a need for today’s marketers who require a dedicated expertise to breakthrough in a connected world. As leaders who come from the big creative agencies like DDB, BBDO, and Leo Burnett, we know what it takes to get to great work and our focus from the start was to bring that experience to the category of health and wellness.

We see health as the ultimate measure of a society and we believe it deserves as much, if not more, energy than has been given to other categories. We looked across the landscape and what we saw are some great creative agencies that are doing interesting work for health brands as well as some great healthcare agencies that were doing interesting creative work. But it seemed more like lightning in a bottle, than a repeatable, dependable, discipline and expertise.

Truth be told, most creative shops don’t know the complexities of healthcare, it’s not in their DNA. They don’t live and breathe the category. So clients end up paying for their agency to learn the nuances of the unique audiences and journeys in health, which is costly, inefficient, and can often miss the mark.

Most healthcare shops can’t deliver on breakthrough creativity, as it too is not in their DNA. Traditionally a lot of the money in healthcare advertising has come from regulated pharma that doesn’t foster an environment of provocative ideas and in turn doesn’t translate into a creative culture to make the best work.

We think what is missing is an agency that really brings both of those together. An agency that is truly creative at its core and that is committed to the category of health.

Then we started looking at what is happening in healthcare itself. What we were seeing was a massive philosophical shift from a system designed for episodic sick care to a system designed around prevention. A system designed to help people make healthy choices.

So we got to thinking who is it that influences our choices day-to-day? Who is it that defines culture? Who is it that makes trends and fashion? Who is it that shapes what’s important to us in our day-to-day lives? We believe it’s brands.

In fact, we see everyday brands as the future of the front line of healthcare. And that’s where we want to play; with brands that are adding health or are already about health and who are impacting the day-to-day choices of people to make the world a healthier place. We believe they deserve the best creative in the world, and we also believe that they deserve a true understanding of the complexities, the unique points of influence, and the interconnectedness of health.

Enter Gene.

A creative agency devoted to health. A new type of agency that sees health as a value, not a vertical. An agency that understands the health-conscious human, how to connect with them, and how to be there at points of influence. An agency that believes brands can make a massive impact on mental health, aging, sleep, type 2 diabetes / nutrition, health at home, caregivers, grief, and so much more.

Our focus is to help brands that want to play big and make health a dominant force in our society. Whether that be a healthcare brand that desires a creative agency that understands them, a brand that’s added a health line-of-business and desires deep expertise in their new category, or a brand that’s looking to enter the lexicon of health and wants a strategic partner to help shape the opportunity.