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It’s time to reclaim our health care legacy

The health system is a significant laggard in the adoption of innovative solutions that people are experiencing in other areas of their life.

This creates a growing frustration in the many interactions they have in their health care journey.

The Idea

Creating a grassroots movement with Marshall Ganz’s framework The Public Narrative

We created an anthemic campaign that created a rally cry to all Canadians. It demonstrated that there is a vision for a new day in Canadian health care and that there is a way for everyone to take action through ACCESS 2022.

We made it feel like a grassroots movement more than a government-funded initiative and it came to life like a political campaign where individuals can be part of the message or take the message into their own local communities/context.

10,400,000 earned and paid impressions on published opinion editorials, byline articles and broadcast interviews.

205 total stories published as a result of press-release pick with 2,600,000 impressions.

386,209 Facebook Ad impressions and 501,911 YouTube Pre-Roll Ad impressions.

The ACCESS 2022 video had a 30 second view-through rate of 45%, which is unprecedented for YouTube Pre-Roll views.

445,920 impressions on digital news ads.

The Impact

Getting the word out and mobilizing the movement