The Characteristics of the Health Disruptors

We’ve worked with many brands that are changing the experience of healthcare; we call them The Health Disruptors. They tend to have a few common characteristics that they share:

1. Purpose-Led: They are driven by a profound sense of purpose. They aim to make a significant impact on health and well-being, guided by a unique and ownable purpose that drives them internally and externally.

2. Brand-Obsessed: They understand that brand experience is everything in this emerging world of consumerized healthcare. They invest heavily in building and maintaining a brand that creates deep, lasting connections, ensuring they stand out in a crowded space.

3. Patient-Centric: With people taking charge of their health decisions, the disruptors place patients at the core of their strategies. They focus on delivering outstanding experiences and improving patient outcomes, addressing real wants and needs.

4. Tech-Enabled: These brands leverage digital in very smart and sophisticated ways. They embrace innovative technology to enhance their services, ensuring they remain out front and effective in a rapidly evolving industry.

The influx of consumer-oriented brands into healthcare has emphasized these elements, making them essential for success. At Gene, we harness our full-funnel marketing expertise to support these disruptors. Through branding, campaigns, media, AI, and data & analytics, we empower our clients to achieve their goals and transform healthcare for the better.

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