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Clearing up confusion on the types of ECPs

Plagued by negative public perception and confusion regarding the role of ophthalmologists, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) needed a way to better educate people on eye care.

We found the root of this issue was that many weren’t aware of the differences between ophthalmology and optometry.

The Idea

Looking for a way to better educate the public on eye care

We created a multi-year campaign featuring videos that captured patient stories and the ophthalmologists who helped restore their vision and overall health. Promoted through online ad buy and social posts, and hosted on a website developed by our team.

These videos also encouraged Canadians to share their own experiences with ophthalmologists. The campaign was paired with a national public relations and influencer program which reached Canadians coast to coast.

27 million media impressions (earned coverage and press release pick-up)

33 media hits

1 million blog and social media impressions

Over 900,000 video views

The Impact

An outpouring of shared stories on social